Golf Course

Arabella Overview

The Arabella golf course in South Africa is ranked by Compleat Golfer magazine as the number one golf course in the Western Cape. It is also featured in Golf Digest’s USA’s Top 60 courses outside of America in 2007.

Designed and built in 1999 by celebrated South African golf course architect Peter Matkovich, who is also credited with the design of Western Cape courses de Zalze and Steenberg, this classic parkland course has spectacular views across the Bot River lagoon and across the Kogelberg mountain range.

The pristine fairways are kikuyu, while the greens, which frequently receive high praise from professionals in the game, are Dominant Bent.

The golf course has been refined in the past six years with the addition of several bunkers and the revamp of the par-four 6th hold in order to rid it of its blind tee shot.

Awarded Five-Star Golf Experience for the first time in 2002, the course is complemented by a luxurious clubhouse with bar and halfway house, as well as a fully stocked pro shop and excellent practice area with two resident teaching professionals.

The Arabella Golf Club has been the annual home to the Nelson Mandela Invitational charity golf tournament from 2003, hosting the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Samuel L Jackson, Ronan Keating, Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Tim Clark, Lee Westwood and Sam Torrance. These and other top names have made a valuable contribution to Gary Player’s initiative to raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation and the Player Foundation.

There is no doubt that a round of golf here ranks with the best experiences anywhere in the world.

African Golf Courses

Golfing in Tanzania

Arabella Golf Club is one South Africa’s finest golf courses and is regularly visited by golfers from all over the world who come to tee off on our splendid course and try out our immaculate putting greens. In fact South Africa as a whole is ranked highly as a destination for pro golfers and enthusiasts to travel to due to the wide variety and high quality of the golf courses available here. However South Africa is not the only African country to boast glorious golf courses. Tanzania has some incredible golf courses that are highly rated amongst some of the worlds top professional golfers. The Kilomanjaro golf course designed in late 2012 by David Jones is a course that offers five star amenities and nested in the centre of a 1100 acre wildlife sanctuary.

The Heart of Africa for some and Tanzania for many is a glorious country to visit and explore. It is packed with great insight and different cultures. It has some amazing national parks and the number of languages they have is jaw dropping. Here is a list of the uniqueness that Tanzania has to offer.
• Zanzibar: You can’t mention Tanzania and not speak about Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an island on islands forming a glorious set of beaches and other amazing sights to see. Popular towns such as Stone Town and Nungwi are just some of the amazing places you can visit while in Tanzania. Zanzibar is so cool that it has its own flag. Although it uses the same colors as the Tanzania, the style is significantly different. Yes, Zanzibar is that great and its real easy to find a selection of Zanzibar packages available on the internet to plan a luxury holiday for you and you family.
• 162 Tribes: A total of 162 tribes reside in Tanzania. These tribes are different in culture, religion and heritage. As many as they are, they are able to respect each other’s differences and embrace the diversity they all share. The highest level of disrespect is demeaning another tribe, this goes against any sense of dignity and morals a tribe has. Nobody wants to be disregarded on the grounds of anything that is why respect is the first rule when it comes to all these tribes.
• Moon: I can attest to how terrified I am of the dark so I can imagine how scary it must be walking in pitch dark paths and roads. The Tanzanian moon can shine so brightly in the sky that one might not need a flashlight when walking. It’s like having your very own big torch looking over you. If that doesn’t make you feel special, nothing ever will.
• National Anthem: Can you believe that Tanzania shares a national anthem with South Africa and Zimbabwe? Although the South African national anthem is titled “Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica” and the Tanzanian national anthem is titled “Mungu Ibariki Afrika”. The national anthem is composed by Enock Sontonga but sang in different respective languages.
• Animals: Every animal you can think of is found at Tanzania, from lions to elephants. The Tanzanian community is trying by all means to win the battle over animal poachers. The common animal victims for poachers are usually the African Elephant and Black Rhinoceros. It is a sad sight to see the population of these animals decreasing but it is a battle the Tanzanians are not willing to let go.
• Sport: Sport activities seem to be an all-time favorite among the locals. Soccer and rugby have been embraced by the residents and have become ideal sports to play in the country.
• Tourism: Tourism in Tanzania is rated high in the economy scale of the country. Tourists are a great influence in the economy and that is why the government strives in attracting tourists in any way possible. Research shows that Zanzibar hotels enjoy some of the highest occupancy rates all year round making the hospitality trade a vital source of employment for Tanzanians.  It is profitable for the country and pleasurable for the tourists. Sounds more like a win-win situation according to me. When everybody is all smiles and the beaches are blossoming in the sunlight; everything is A-OKAY.
• Poverty: Although Tanzania is rapidly growing in terms of exports and trades, poverty still remains a major concern. Cattle have to hinge on rain and access to drinking water can be quite challenging. The government is doing the best it can but the poverty rates are still alarming.
• Freedom: The taste of liberation is worthy of a celebration. Tanzania was one of the first countries to gain independence in 1961. Julius Nyerere was the first president to be inaugurated after the liberation from the British colonial government.


Time out From the Golf Course

Arabella Golf

Arabella Golf Estate is one of the finest luxury golf estates in South Africa. The estate not only offers our members one the best golf courses in the world with its immaculate greens and putting surfaces, but we also provide many other activities for our members and their families to enjoy themselves.

When it comes to the best Cape Town paragliding, we all want nothing but the best for our Arabella Golf Estate members, which is why we recommend Skywings Paragliding. We want someone who is going to take our safety very seriously, give us the best aerial views and give you an incredible experience you will never forget. Question is which company will we choose?

Well let’s start Fly Cape Town Paragliding. They offer flights from done mostly from the well-known Lions Head or Signal Hill. Their flights generally last between 7 – 20 minutes, with good reasonable prices, as well as inflight photos and videos. Not only that, they also offer Guided Paragliding Tour Packages! These will vary from single day trips up to 3 week tours. What a very special way to experience Cape Town indeed. They will take you through the wine regions of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch or right along the coastline of Cape Point and Hout Bay and many more. An adventurous journey prepared all for you. In addition, the Fly Cape Town Paragliding also offers Paragliding Training Courses. Expert, experienced instructors teach different courses such as the Sports Paragliding license Course, among others.  To those willing to learn, they take people from ages 16-65. It is your choice to either complete the course in consecutive days or over a period of months. Their site provides more information.  At the end of the day you are a fully qualified paragliding pilot. That means you can now do it whenever and wherever you like!

Cape Town Tandem Paragliding. Like most tandem paragliding companies in Cape Town,  they paraglide mainly form Lions Head and Signal Hill, at times starting from Signal Hill and moving to Lion Head depending on weather.  They have very experienced pilots that do their very best to give you the longest and most exhilarating flight possible. Their pilots are all fully certified by the South African Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association (SAHPA).These flights are between 5-30 minutes long. It all depends on the weather. Anyone and everyone are welcome to fly with Cape Town Tandem Paragliding, even those with disabilities. Provisions are made whether you are paraplegic or prosthetic; they want to share this unique experience with you.  Even better, they have people with who speak various languages such as Dutch, Spanish and Afrikaans. This enables you to feel more comfortable and more at relaxed to enjoy the experience.  At the end of your journey, you are given the opportunity to view the images and videos taken with the amazing GoPro camera without the obligation to buy them. There is however the option to get them on a 4GB micro SD with an adapter. There is no better way preserve the memory of the best day of your life.


Icarus Tandem Paragliding. Unlike most of the paragliding companies in Cape Town, Icarus launches from not only Lions Head and Signal Hill but Sir Lowry’s Pass, Porterville and Hermanus. Usually they land on the field in front of the Bungalow, between Camps Bay and Clifton Beach. The also soar over Seapoint coming from Signal Hill to land right next to the Atlantic Ocean. A huge benefit of paragliding in Hermanus with Icarus is whale watching, giving you the best possible aerial view of these ocean giants. It is enough to give anyone an adrenalin rush. Although the pilot will have a camera attached to his harness, you are welcome to bring your own camera to record this experience yourself. Of course, you are solely responsible for it. Their pilots are all experienced Tandem Flight Instructors certified by the SAHPA. Their standard flights are 5-20 minutes. Cross-country paragliding flights available for those who wish to land somewhere specific on open land. They offer to take you back to your vehicle without any cost. Cross-country paragliding flights are 45 minutes and above.  Most reviewers appreciate how the instructors give very clear instructions and very serious about the safety of their clients. Icarus also offers paragliding course that are conducted in Cape Town, Hermanus and Wilderness. Anyone from the age of 11 is welcome for a flight however 11-18 year old’s need a written parental consent.

That is the long and the short of it. If you are staying at Arabella and fancy trying something to get the adrenaline pumping, then paragliding over Cape Town with Skywings is the thing to do.



The Order of Merit

Arabella Golf Club Order Of Merit 2008
At each monthly meeting members (only) will be awarded points according to their position on the day. Points will be awarded to the top 10 positions with 10 points going to the winners 9 to second etc.At the end of the year the member with the most points will win the floating trophy,an engraved trophy to keep and a voucher to Arabella Pro Shop.  3 places will earn vouchers.

The aim of the order of merit is to encourage our members to play in all the Captains day competitions and to play with different members more frequently.
For the order of merit points, count outs will be done on the basis of lowest handicap places higher.



Member Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept Oct Nov Dec Total
Johannes Albertyn 10 10 20
Klaus Walther 5 6 11
Hans Jaeger 9 9
Brian Marshall 9 9
Michael Chambers 9 9
Thea Albertyn 9 9
Joe Doherty 8 8
Leonard Owens 8 8
Mike Taitz 8 8
Cathy Taitz 8 8
Stella Marshall 7 7
Alison Sheard 7 7
Bea Susijn 7 7
John Baxter 7 7
Dinesh Singh 6 6
Ted le Gresley 2 4 6
Kevin Sutcliffe 4 1 5
James de Vries 5 5
Almar Creighton 4 4
Ian Williams 4 4
Di Bates 3 3
Jenny Turner 3 3
Moira Garden 3 3
Norman Garden 3 3
Ian Bates 2 2
Andre van Duuren 2 2
Roy Scholtz 1 1
Wayne van Gessellen 1